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  I hope that you had a successful season last year and you have an even better one this year. There was a good turnout  of 20 members present at this years A.G.M 2018,but was very DISAPPOINTED in the lack of members who did not  TURNUP,  SO THOSE OF YOU WHO DIDN'T ATTEND I hope there will be no complaints

 . The Club’s finances are in an extremely good position and fish stocking will continue as and when finances allow.

The River Leen in the Bull Field and pegs 1 to 3 on the river will be closed for fishing between 15th March and 15th June inclusive. Don’t forget your rod license expires on 31st March 2019, and don’t forget your current membership expires on 31st MARCH 2019. If for any reason a Sunday match venue is closed or un-fishable, the main pond will be closed without prior notice and used for the duration of the match. I apologise now if this causes you any inconvenience in the future. Pegs 1 to 3 and the river , after 15th June, will remain open during matches on the main pond.


Private access is through the locked gate running along side the railway.Combination code is required.The code MUST NOT be passed to NON Members.Visitors must be let in by a member. *This is being observed and no excuses for passing on the code will be accepted ! *

When you renew your membership you will be given a code for the combination locks to gain access to the pond and main gate

Club Officials.

 There was a change of committee officials at the 2018 AGM.
 Club officials are,

 Bradley Livock ( Chairman ) 

 Ray Pickin (Membership,Club and Match Secretary)   

Ray Pickin/Richard white (Web admin)

 Dudley Young (Treasurer)

 Tony O'Brien (Head Bailiff)

Mark tosland & Sam aka David Samson)   (Bailiffs)

The appointment of a Bailiff is controlled solely by the Head Bailiff.

The Head Bailiffs decision is final.

Hucknall Anglers Fishing Club  Membership Renewal.

  The cost of membership to Hucknall Anglers Fishing Club HAS NOT  CHANGED in 2018.

All new members will be charged a £5 joining fee. Concessionary books will only be issued on production of, a “Blue Badge”. The price of  membership for the coming season for concessions OAP’s, Jnr’s are now FREE upto the age of 16 . Disabled will be £20.00p for all others it is £25.00p. This membership will allow members to fish the pond and River Leen, and to fish in the Thursday evening summer series of matches, and also Sunday matches, by arrangement with the match secretary.

At an A.G.M. all members now have the right to vote on all matters arising whatever the subject . No new members of Hucknall Anglers Fishing Club will be accepted until current members have renewed their membership or not, as the case may be.

All membership books for the coming season will be on sale from 1st April 2019. If you come in person to re-new your membership, ring RAY PICKIN on 07500151780 or 07759991617 beforehand to make sure he is at home to save yourself a wasted journey.

Anglers under the age of 16 may fish along side an adult member of the club for free but must behave accordingly within club rules.

The same format applies as in previous years when applying for membership, if you have last years book please bring it with you when renewing your membership, as I will need the photo for your new book. If you don’t have last years book, then please bring with you at least one passport size photo and your current rod license. New members need to supply 2 passport size photos and their rod license,


There will be a total membership limit of 150. This will be strictly on a first come, first served basis, so to avoid disappointment do not be late renewing your membership.

Pond Area Works.
Future electro fishing is in the hands of the E A

2016-18 saw improvements by Tony and Mark to create better fishing pegs,solid concrete areas are now on the main pond.

A few over-hanging trees have been felled over the winter months. Other trees have been pollarded and the hedges trimmed. Bank-side planting will continue, this has had a positive effect in encouraging fish to visit or remain in the main pond.

Please contact Mr R Pickin to book in for a sunday match..  The Sunday matches for the coming season start in APRIL 2019, we have 26 matches this year. Due to the continuing interest by members wishing to fish the Sunday matches it will now be necessary to put your name down for the following weeks match to ensure yourself a peg. For the first match you also need to put your name down. A minimum of twenty pegs have been booked at all venues but we may be able to accommodate more anglers at some venues.The peg fees for 2018 will be £12.00p per peg,(junior's £4) now all money collected is paid out .

2 nets are now required at ALL venue's, EXCEPT little john lakes & oaktree fishery which are supplied by the venue ,we will meet on the bank at 8.00am Except Wellow Dam where there is a net dip which will be opened at 8 30am and start fishing at 9.00am, finishing at 3.00pm .  Points will not be totalled until after the last match, those anglers not fishing a minimum of 13 matches will not be awarded any points. All Sunday matches will be included in the Club Championship, and you will be allowed to drop the four worst results. A match rules list will be issued at the first match.

                     Thursday Evening Matches in the Pond or River.

          Last year this was again a very successful and entertaining venture, and this year we will be running a series of SIXTEEN matches on the ponds only, on a Thursday evening. The main pond and back pond will be closed from 3.00pm on these days, to allow them to settle. The first match will be on May 2019 to Aug 2019  16 weeks.  Pegs will be £1.00p plus optional pools of £5.00p the draw for pegs will take place at 5.00pm prompt, and we will start fishing when everyone is ready,(to stop people walking about waisting time ) finishing at 9.00pm,approx depending on the light. Points will not be totalled until after the last match, those anglers not fishing a minimum of 8 matches will not be awarded any points You will be allowed to drop your worst three results. When matches are in progress at the pond, this includes any Sundays, only members fishing the match will be allowed access. This is because of complaints about the number of people walking around the pond, during matches. If you want to see what has been caught then by all means turn up for the weigh in.

                              No bank walking during any pond match         

Guest Voucher Scheme.

            We will be continuing this for 2019/20, the cost of a Guest Voucher is £3.50p. Avaliable from a bailiff.

Club Website.

            The clubs website is designed to keep members better informed and to advertise the Club. The web address is raymondpickin@msn.com or hucknallangler@hotmail.com  please e-mail any photos of catches or anything news worthy to the club secretary for publication on the website                                                                                           

   Unfortunately this still remains a nagging problem which is so easily solved by taking your litter home. May I remind you that it is your responsibility, not to leave, and to remove any litter from your peg, even if it’s not yours, as stated in the Club Rules, see rules 2 & 3. Bailiffs will be monitoring who is fishing at which peg to strictly enforce these rules. TAKE ALL YOUR LITTER HOME YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !
            I hope you will be re-newing your membership and I look forward to seeing you in the coming season, if you have a friend or relative who is an Angler, why not introduce them to our Club through the guest voucher
scheme, as new members are always welcome.

            If you have any queries, or if I can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact  Me , Ray Pickin.

 Ray Pickin Club Secretary, To Hucknall Anglers Fishing Club.